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Chozhia Vellalar

Chozia Vellalar (Tamil: சோழிய வேளாளர்) are a social group in Tamil Nadu, India.
Vellalar are a prominent community of people in Tamil Nadu, neighbouring Kerala and parts of Sri Lanka and Andhra Pradesh. Chozia Vellalar are the people of Chola Country who were greater landlords in the Chola Kingdom.
They were also the Great Warrior Clan of Chola and leaded crucial war for Chola Kings as Generals of Chola Army.
At present the Prominent presence of Chozia Vellalar can be found in most of the districts of Tamil Nadu.
Though the distribution of the community is found in most of the districts, they migrated to the other parts of Tamilnadu from the Trichy Thangavur area around the middle and second half of the 19th century. As they moved in they always followed the river bed areas for settlement. Thus, the said community when came to Salem District they initially settled at Palamedu. When their life at Palamedu became difficult due to Theechati Kolliyars (Dacoits with fire) they moved out. Of these the persons who moved to Pandamangalm area were farmers and the traders moved into Proper Salem. They settled as trader dealing in betel leaves. Thus, the place of trade in Salem proper is called Kitchipalayam but all the Chozia Vellalar still have links with Palamedu by having the Koilveedu. To all these Chozia Vellalar vaiyaliappan Temple near Trichy at Thirupalathurai is the original deity and the old temple constructed in the pyramid form had been demolished by erecting a new temple on the site of the old during 2007.
The most famous person of Trichy area is K.A.P Vishwanathan Muthaimz Kavalr the guardian of Tamil. They also have a Sangam or society or trust to help these community people and is housed at Trichy in the school premises of KAP Viswanathan's school.
Their movements into Pandiya territory is also confirmed by and large they are found at Thindugal and the most famous person of that area of this community is Angu and his famous Angu villas Pugaiilai, chewing tobacco. To support this view another there is also a place called Palamedu near Madurai city as found in Salem District.
The Warriors
A theory derives the word from Vel, to win to control, to take, as well as a lance, an old and archaic Tamil weapon. Supposedly cultivation in South Asia was spread by force, people would move out into virgin land, which was used by hunter gatherer or tribal people for slash and burn agriculture or for hunting and convert into prime agricultural land.David Ludden, [ "Spectres of Agrarian Territory"] ]
This was an honorific title of select few people who would organize such raids and settlements like chiefs who were also called as "Vel" which spread to all including that of all Ulavar which is Tamil for farmer, the actual Tamil name for cultivators. Today everybody uses it but once it was restricted to village headman or founding chief's lineage. (see also Velama)
The true concept of Vellars is they are original cultivators that has its origin to the Tamil Word Vellanmai, which means agriculture and the agriculturalists of Choza dynast became the Choza Vellars, if to Pandiya they were called as Pandiya Vellars,those who settled in 6 different nations are called Arunattu Vellars. The farmers of Kongu are called Kongu Vellars.
Many Nayanmars , the Saivist Leaders, have hailed from Cholia Vellalar.
Popular Personalities
Joseph Vijay:known as Ilayathalapathy
S. A. Chandrasekhar:Famous Director & Father Of Vijay
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