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1823-1874 Ramalinga Swamigal, popularly known as Vallalar
* one of most notable saints on the Indian sub-continent in 19 century.
* born on October 5, 1823, in Marudur near Chidambaram into a Hindu Saivite family, 5th child and last son parents Ramayya Pillai & Chinnammayyar.
* Over 120 years, his dharmasalai fire not put out and the needy are still fed.
* Miracle-cures were performed by him some recorded in the British archives
* composed thousands of verses breathing universal love and peace, which are all available today as a single six-volume work called 'Tiru-arut-paa', (Holy Poems Sweeter than Nectar).
* Thiru arutpA (திருவருட்பா) , made up of 5818 poems based on ஆசிரிய விருத்தம் for most of his poems which are arranged in six, seven or eight meters (ஆறுசீர், எழுசீர், எண்சீர் வரிசைகள்).
* He is also controversial. Vallalar's Arutpa songs were questioned for its depth and strength and called as a Marutpa by Srilanka Arumuga Navalar & Eswaramoorthy Pillai. He accepts himself as a Sex Maniac. He lost the court case against Arumuga Navalar [defamation case] and the Court also decided that his songs are not Arutpa. read all about them here
His body never cast a shadow--an extraordinary case of being visible yet transparent.
According to Indian government records, he went into a room without any windows and had his followers guard the entrance. The British official who came then made an official statement that Ramalinga Swamigal had 'disappeared'.
* The next day the British collector of that district came to investigate. Later the collector wrote that he had an extraordinary feeling and did not feel that it was necessary to open the door. He bore the expenses for feeding the poor that day.

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