Friday, October 1, 2010

In Kerala and Sri Lanka

In Kerala, there is a signifant population of Tamil and Malayalam speaking Vellalar population. They are believed to have migrated to work in the courts of the Travancore kingdom as accountants.
The Vellalars of Jaffna have been chronicled clearly in the Vaipava Malai and other historical texts of Jaffna. These Vellalar chiefs claim descent from traditional minor-kings and chiefs of Thamizhagam. They have been commanders of the Chola and Pandya armies as well as ministers and administrators. A full list can be obtained from the Vaipava Malai. Jaffna is the correct point of reference to study the Vellalar history of last 1000 years. From the 13th century when migration of Vellalar chiefs to Jaffna took place, Tamil Nadu has seen a decline in the traditional power of Vellars. Kongu Nadu is an exception. ]
In Sri Lanka, they are currently estimated to form over fifty (50)% of the population of the Sri Lankan Tamils in the Northern Province and Jaffna. (See also Hinduism in Sri Lanka and Caste in Sri Lanka).
The Aaarunattu Vellar community also prevails in Sri Lanka.
See the Ponnambalam-Coomaraswamy Family for the Ponnambalam-Coomaraswamy family centric rise of a Vellala elite in 19th century Sri Lanka.

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